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Connecting The Physical World To The Internet (Internet-of-Things)

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The EMAnetworks team did an uncovering exercise with senior executives in healthcare, energy, digital payments and government. This was with the goal of coming back down the supply chain to share insights on what could lead to new, high growth business opportunities. The mission was to either incorporate a new company, build new collaborations, create a new spinout, or build a new joint venture by leveraging the EMAnetworks network flow of activities.


Example unmet needs

Energy companies were telling us that they wanted to take more control of the consumers energy needs so they could deliver new services. Government informed us that they were going to introduce new policies that would give consumers more freedom of choice when it came to selecting energy companies (which includes the consumer being able to negotiate energy 'spot prices' on a half hourly basis), and global payments companies wanted to have insights so they could act as the auctioneer on behalf of the consumer. In addition to this private healthcare companies wanted to deliver healthcare services even when the patient went home, and care homes wanted more sophisticated environments, which would help the ageing population to remain independent for as long as possible.

Validating the business opportunity and sharing insights

After scrutiny the EMAnetworks team were keen to share insights with previously successful entrepreneurs within the networks, this was with the objective of incorporating a new start-up company that could develop a solution to satisfy the unmet needs.


Building the company

In 2012 Peter Claydon and Martin Sotheran incorporated ContinuumBridge and invited Carson Bradbury to join the board. David Hendon later joined the company also as a non-executive director. They have since grown the team.


ContinuumBridge Limited

Since incorporation the ContinuumBridge team have developed a highly secure, open, end-to-end Internet-of-Things gateway that will connect to any appliance or device so new services can be delivered through the Internet. Whilst the gateway is a hardware platform today, it can work from any Linux platform, and because of the track record of the team they are in a position to assemble a world-class silicon chip team that could develop a single chip solution.



The continuumBridge team have fied patents that relate to securely transmitting  data to the cloud.


Funding & Partnerships

The ContinuumBridge team has successfully won government funding (Technology Strategy Board) alongside the charity, Designability (previously the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering) and the University of the West of England (UWE). This is with the objective of entering into assisted living and dementia trials. 


In addition the leading electronic design automation incumbent, Mentor Graphics (NASDAQ: MENT) will consider offering a risk sharing partnership through their Term-for-Start-up business model.


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David Hendon CBE

Peter Claydon

Martin Sotheran

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